Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $200

Gaining popularity each passing day, studio headphones have proven to deliver the best listening experiences like never before. Today, they are widely used beyond the studio walls as you would spot people wearing them all over the streets. The question that needs to be answered however is; which are the best studio headphones?

When it comes to studio headphones, the choice of which brand or type is the best to buy or would serve you better could be more tasking than expected. Do you consider the price or the quality’? It is obvious that you may not get the best by looking at the prices. Instead, a thorough analysis should be done on the sound quality, comfort and durability.

Different type of headphones have different specifications are manufactured by different companies worldwide depending on the target market. This article however seeks to bring to you some of the best studio headphones in the market. This helps you get the exact value of your money. They include;

Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Lately, you would are sure to meet 4 out of 10 people with headphones inscribed with the letter alilb’ either hanging around their necks or jamming in their ears. These could be the most stylish studio headphones in the market now as portrayed by their popularity. These celebrity created headphones are on the upper side when it comes to their price that rises from 100 dollars to $380.

Nevertheless, they are unique in a number of intriguing ways especially with their wide range of neon colors. Being wireless and Bluetooth enabled, you are able to switch tracks without necessarily taking out your player. They are able to reduce any external noises, control volume and answer your calls. These headphones have a 12 hour rechargeable battery life when used with Bluetooth and 20 hours when connected by a cord. They come with an AC adapter for charging, rubbery, a carrying case and red labels. Beats studio wireless Bluetooth headphones gives you good quality in a stylish way.

Audio Technica M50

For the music junkies, you will find your comfort in these studio headphones for below 200 dollars. You are able to listen and record for long hours using these with guaranteed comfort. They have an amazing sound quality and a splendid bass so much so that you would not hear a thing besides your music when they are in high volume. This is why they are preferred during flights. When you buy the audio Technica M50, you can be sure of a twelve month warranty and a protective pouch.

Sennheiser 280 HD Pro

These are one of the best studio headphones in the market that are pocket friendly ($99). They are designed to give you ultimate comfort and keeping you from the external noises once you put them on. What's more, they are very light. Mostly for listening purposes, they can be used on any MP3 devices, iPods, iPads, tablets or even your iPhone. Any other phones with a 3.5 mm jack plug can also pick it.
Final word

Apart from the best studio headphones discussed above, there are some other good headphones in the market that are pocket friendly. For instance the CAD MH310 that go for $39.99, the gear one G100DX isolation headphones and the Sennheiser HD 201 Pro closed back for $29. Remember however, the bottom line while buying is good quality sound, comfort and durability. Read more best headphones under 200

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Top 10 Headphones For 2014

Are you looking for the best headphones to buy in 2014, even though we are halfway through the year? Well then, there is quite a slew of options to pick from, some of them are fairly affordable – under 100 bucks – while others may cost way north of 200 bucks (they are still worth the amount though).
Now, before you pick any headphone, you gotta understand that there are different types of headphones in terms of design and size. For instance, there is the In-Ear, Noise Cancelling, On-Ear, Earbud, Over-Ear, and best bluetooth earbuds.
With the type of headphone in mind, we can now take a look at the top 10 headphones (brands) in 2014. The headphones we are about to look at are the high-end cans everyone is vouching for, to bolster the audio quality of their Smartphones and PCs.
#1 Beats By Dre Solo 2

This is an upgrade of the Solo model. The Solo 2 features a newly designed ear pads with curved cans, giving it a more fitting feel and lighter to the ears. It also comes with a remote on its cable, and features a wide range of sound & clarity. The Solo 2 hit the market after Apple made a $3bn acquisition of the Beats By Dre.
#2 Panasonic RP-HTX7AE
This is a perfect noise cancelling headphone for lovers of retro designs. They aren’t just great with their designs, but their sound quality is impeccable too. Something unique, unlike the other top 10 headphones, is the Neodymium magnet, which controls the sensitivity of low and high frequency noises. You’ll frequently find yourself lost in your music while on your commute.
#3 JBL Synchros S400BT
Because of its wireless and Bluetooth 3.0 feature, JBL Synchros integrates both comfort and convenience. The left (or the right) earcup acts as the control center. To change the volume or answer a call, you just need to swipe. The other side of the earcup is installed with NFC connectivity, which allows easy connectivity of devices like mp3 players and Smartphones.
#4. Bose SoundTrue
Now, this was meant for those who are style conscious, as they come in a wide range of colors. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Bose SoundTrue isn’t just a pretty face. Boss SoundTrue is worth mentioning in this top 10 headphones list because it comes with soft foam memory pads that fit perfectly on your ears, such that, even a long journey won’t root for any kind of ear-sore or discomfort.
#5. Pioneer SE-MX9
A personal favorite, this headphone was created to simulate a nightclub experience. It rumps up bass sound quality, thus perfect for hiphop lovers. Pioneer SE-MX9 comes with a lockable cord that’s Android and Apple compatible. With metallic color choices, it is definitely a winner for bass aficionados.
#6. Beats By Dre Studio – Alexander Wang
Designed by a reputable American fashion designer, Alexander Wang, this BBD Studio has a black, slick, and lustrous design, accentuated with gold. Apart from the ultra-cool and attractive look, this noise-cancelling headphone has a battery life that lasts for a whopping 20 hours.
#7. Harman Kardon Soho
Need a long lasting, sturdy Over-Ear headphone? Then Harman Kardon Soho is probably what you are looking for. It has a tougher chassis, offering a tad more durability compared to the other top 10 headphones. Even though it seems more compact, the headphone still sits comfortably on your ears, whilst looking darn stylish as well. Bass is impressive, and the sound is generally crisp.
#8. UrbanEars Humlan
Just as the name suggests, they are urban, with an urban-finish design. The Humlan headphones have washable parts, thus you can make them dirty and clean them later – perfect for rainy weather. Other than a remote feature, it folds easily into a backpack.
#9. Focal Spirit One
If you don’t mind conspicuousness, and you are looking to be completely different from the rest of the crowd, then consider getting this colorful, chunky headphone. Focal Spirit One comes with a great, high quality sound clarity, with an extremely balanced bass. Despite being chunky, they are easily foldable to fit your bag.
Its design and style simply reek sophistication. Sennheiser RS 180 boasts of a highly detailed sound quality, augmented by earpads constructed from a memory foam, for extra comfort. Its flawless, noise cancellation is highly welcomed. It is worth the 229 bucks.
With the aforementioned top 10 headphones for 2014, you can now decide on whichever makes you feel worth spending on. So, break a leg and good luck finding the right headphone.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The top 10 headphones you have to get

Music is one of the best things ever invented in life. Headphones have been designed to make it easy for you to enjoy listening to music wherever you. You can isolate yourself from the rest of the world while enjoying your music when you use headphones. There are many headphones available in the market. The top 10 headphones you need to have; to experience high quality sound include:

#1 Shure SE535

These stylish headphones are known to have fantastic sound which is facilitated by their two woofers. They have sound that is crystal clear and they are able to achieve highs that are clean and detailed.

#2 Ferrari by logic 3R300

The headphones come with a pause button that you can use to stop the music in case you are interrupted. They keep out the noise and reach high volumes without distorting the sound. The headphones have high treble detail and deep driving bass lines. They have a powerful sound and their cables have in-line control for
Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

#3 Bose Quiet comfort 15
These are lightweight headphones that are partially foldable. The headphones are comfortable because they have well-padded cups. They have rich bass leanings and top quality noise cancelling.

#4 PSB M4U2
These headphones are circum-aural and they come with a spare pair of ear cup pads. They have detailed sound hence you can listen to music and enjoy every beat; making them one of the top 10 headphones. They have battery saving amplifiers that you can use to adjust sound; making them highly flexible to suit your sound preferences.

#5 Sennheiser Momentum
This dynamic model of headphones has high standard sound quality that is detailed and clear. It balances treble details and low frequency making it a highly versatile headphone model. These headphones have little spillage and their light weight make them easy to travel with.

#6 PSB M4U 1
This is an earlier model compared to the PSB M4U2. It has a brilliant design and it comes with an extra set of soft foam ear cup pads. It has instant mute and call answering for lphone and blackberry phones. The headphones come with a jack plug and a round-hard case.

#7 Grado Prestige Series SR125i
These headphones have an open-back model with a thick-straight copper cable. They have a retro-design that makes them fashionable and their well-handled low frequency makes them have a remarkably detailed sound. These headphones are very comfortable plus they have a permanently attached audio cable.

#8 Klipsch Image X7i
This model has a three button remote and it has a made for lphone badge that gives it a prestigious look. These headphones work very well with lphones and they are known to have the best quality of sound. The model comes with a small zipped pouch and a variety of silicon in-ear tip sizes.

#9 Onkyo ES-HF 300
These headphones are popular because of their bass-heavy sound. They have richly detailed sonics and their headbands are smaller compared to traditional models. It has a soft touch plastic band and its ear cups are enclosing preventing any background noise from disrupting you.

#10 Pioneer HDJ-1500-S
If you are a fan of loud music, these headphones are the best product you can purchase. They have turnable hinges and narrow leather ear cups. These headphones have a detachable coiled cable and booming bass levels that make them produce loud sound; hence they are known to be among the top 10 headphones.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sennheiser PXC 450 Review

First impressions you obtain when using sennheiser pxc 450 headphones besides tasty mobile soft-carry casing and smooth leather that comes in touch with user's skin is clarity and crystal purity of the sound. The quality may be compared to the model HD-590 and even HD- 600.

These headphones preserve the ambient space of sound and bass resonates quite natural without blurring of middle and high frequencies like in some other competitor models with punching bass. Pxc 450 might be the first model that uses Noise Cancelling Algorithm while offering uncompromising Hi-Fi sound. The advantage of this feature is easily confirmed when you take them off and suddenly hear the roar of airplane engines, while on the contrary the airplane noise may be compared to low level of noise like that of a modern car engine when headphones are used. By pressing a certain button these headphones may activate Talk Through Mode which allows smooth conversation with Noise Cancelling providing the effect that you hear clearly the voice of a person you are talking to while the noise remain minimized.The headphones may operate as ordinary headphones in Through Mode which may come in handy when batteries are too low. High impedance 150 Ohms in Through or 700 in Noise Cancellation Mode make these headphones ideal for airplane entertainment systems and most laptops.

For best sound with iPod devices it is advisable to use them with headphone amp.
The technical specifications:Frequency range: 8 Hz - 28.000 Hz, Passive NC - up to 32 dB, Active NC - 23dB (Noise Guard 2.0), THD at 1kHz less than 0.1%, SPL at 1kHz - 108 dB, SPLBattery life 21 hours, AAAAlkaline, Impedance 150 or 700 ohms depending whether is in Through Mode or active NC mode. Sennheiser PXC 450 though advertised as travelling aid are sophisticated higher middle class and may be used for monitoring or even editing. The frequency range is huge, 8 Hz is a difficult spot to reach even for best subwoofers and SPL of 108dB promises great sound dynamics. Noise Cancelling:Noise Guard ll algorithm uses only one AAAAlkaline battery and is integrated inside the headphones (not on cable) as well is the battery slot.The Noise Cancelling algorithm applies effect of eliminating HF noise completely and substantial improvement of LF noise elimination compared to NG I. Weak points:The already mentioned high impedance which could result in lower volume for people that listen music from their portable mp3 players like iPod. Also the price that is as high as of premium ranking products. It may be pointed out that people who travel a lot and appreciate great quality of sound will probably welcome this product as an acceptable investment.

The bottom line:The company Sennheiser have learned a lot from their attempts to fabricate quality NC headphones and achieved a complete success in making the Sennheiser PXC 450, possibly the top of its class.You may browse LSI site for this or other related products. Sennheiser PXC 450 Headphones. Great sound and surprisingly good audiophile experience while on the move. Noise cancellation algorithm technology, Noise Guard ll provides outstanding noise reduction and quality of sound. High frequency noise elimination and low frequency noise diminished. Talk through mode enables listening to conversation while reducing surrounding noise to minimum. Operates on one AAA Alkaline battery.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The World of Professionl Lenses at your Fingertips

Looking for the perfect lenses for your TI3 camera’? The Canon Rebel T3i lenses will help even the most inexperienced photographers make master pieces. Canon is one of the leading authorities on cameras. Canon's lenses are no exception. Each lens is fully in-house tested to get you the perfect photo every time. Canon is a leader in photography for a reason, and it shows in the quality and care they take in manufacturing very Canon Rebel T3i bundle.

Having one of these Canon Rebel t3i bundle deals will save you an enormous amount of time and effort. Canon has designed these lenses with the photographer in mind to produce the easiest operation, compact design, and best performance out of every canon lens that you use. They are able easily to switch lenses in no time to capture the perfect photo every time. Canon has introduced a variety of lenses to support every activity that you may be photographing

The Wide angle lens in the Canon Rebel T3i bundle is great for capturing the action up close and personal. It provides dramatic views that will pull the nearby objects close and the further objects back into the background. This allows easy capture of the subject i every photo. The wide angle lens in addition allows you to get greater peripheral visuals into your photograph. This lens allows for great landscape photography. Canon also includes a telephoto lens when you are just too far away from the action to get the best shot. It allows you to take in the action from a distance without ever missing the shot of the subject. The macro close-up lenses allow you to get extreme and beautiful close-ups when the job calls for it. The macro lenses will provide definition and clarity into every subject you need a close up.

Canon Rebel bundle deals also provide you with filters to help isolate the subjects of your photos with clarity and precision. The filters help you take out Lens flare and UV lighting. The filters have been tested and designed by the world's leading manufactures to get you the best photo under every type of lighting

When you are searching for the most complete kit for your camera nothing can beat the Canon Rebel T3i Bundle. It provides you everything you need to produce exceptionally wonderful photographs every time. So, when shopping for the best canon rebel t3i lenses remember you are not just going to be creating photos you will be creating your own unique art in every photo.